About Us

Prof Walz

Is an Assistant Professor Sport Media in the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University and teaches  sport marketing, sport business, esports and global study intensives. Corporate Director for Crown, Sports & For Profit Boards.

As social distancing was taking its toll on everyone, Joe and I were concerned that while sports were on pause, so were sports conversation and creation. We wanted to develop a way to unite our students and the sports community by providing a space for the sports industry and sports academics to collaborate. Thus, SportTokz with SportProfz was born”

Prof Joe

Is an Associate Professor Sport Media in the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University and teaches multi-camera studio production as well as documentary production. PhD Candidate – OISE / Sports Producer-Director

“The response to our show from the industry and our students has been overwhelmingly positive. Our viewership ranges from first-year students to alumni from various FCAD programs. We also have current professionals in the industry reaching out to us asking how to get involved as they are eager to hop on and connect with our students.”

Dan “THE COACH” Berlin

Dan is a Ryerson instructor and baseball coach, he always strives to inspire, motivate and bring out the best in his students and players. Dan always finds a creative and entertaining approach to storytelling, whether it’s producing major sporting events for television or providing hot takes on the NFL for CTV.

Dan ‘The Coach’ Berlin hosts “Profz’ Rapid Fire Q’z” where he fires 1-word answer questions to our Spotlight Speaker.

“I’m amazed just how open and honest our featured guests are on the show. Since its inception, SportTokz provides an inclusive forum where everyone is invited and encouraged to candidly share their insights about the big issues facing the sporting world and media industry today.”

Chelsea Vern

Ryerson University new graduate from our faculty’s Professional Communications program and our SportTokz expert on Sport Social Media. Chelsea is also the Marketing/Media Coordinator at GXSLab where she oversees the Digital Management of SportTokz.

Chelsea is the Executive Producer and Art Director of SportTokz.

Our history

On March 20, 2020, Prof Joe and Prof Walz, were having a glass of wine over Zoom Video Conferencing vs. in person due to the global state and impact of the COVID19 (Corona Virus) causing people in the world to self-isolate to #FlattenTheCurve. During that time, they realized that #SocialDistancing although required and necessary it was socially and mentally tough on them and they felt that likely it was going to be tough on their students and their sports community and so while they were Video Conference Socializing they decided keep united and set up times for socialization and sports talk. They wondered if others would want to join them in conversation as well, hence #SportTokz with SportProfz was born.

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