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SportTokz Office Hours – NHL Seattle Kraken Launch Analysis SportTokz with SportProfz

We are launching a new segment to our show called SportTokz Office Hours! This will be a space where we focus on specific topics or profiles of sport professionals and professors. You can find deep dives on important issues and detailed analysis of sport media, digital marketing, broadcast, game operations, sport business, social media and more.  We introduce SportTokz Office Hours with Dan Marrazza, Erin Hodges, and Kassie Epstein as we dive deep toward the Seattle Kraken and analyze the branding & social-digital media wins and losses of the 32nd NHL team’s launch. How does it compare and contrast with the Vegas Golden Knights launch? 1. Analyze the launch – Storytelling (from teasers to the name announcement) 2. Analyzing the logos & colour choice 3. Branding via digital production 4. Branding on social media 5. Moving forward – How can Seattle break the status quo? Thank you for listening to SportTokz with SportProfz! We would love to hear from you. Let us know your thoughts on our show by submitting a testimonial on our website on the Contact page. Also, check out SportTokz Pod on Apple Podcast to submit a rating & leave a review.
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