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Episode #34 – Jess Silver & Joanne Smith, Paralympics, Elevating Athletes with Physical Challenges SportTokz with SportProfz

🎧🎙On Monday Feb 22nd, we were excited to have Founder of Flex For Access, Author, & Personal Trainer, Jess Silver, along with Award Winning TV Broadcaster, Certified Nutritional Practitioner & Author, Joanne Smith. This episode, we focused on Dis/Ability in Sports and Elevating Athletes! Both Jess and Joanne provided compelling insights – Jess spoke about taking a step further from an advocacy-only-outlook and elevating it by working towards creating spaces of opportunity. Joanne discussed the broadcast scene and her work to elevate athletes with physical challenges in mainstream media. Jess taught us her vocabulary as she prefers to speak about disability using the phrase ‘physical challenges’ instead – always putting the athlete first. With the rich conversation taking us over time (as it always does) we pick one thoughtful Rapid Fire question to close the show. Laurel asks, “What advice would you give to up and coming student broadcasters, writers, social media, and content creators, when they are going to be covering the Paralympics in terms of how we could be communicating better?” Both Jess and Joanne do not disappoint in their answers. See our topic list below: Spotlight Speaker Intro 1. Dis/Ability Physical Challenges In Sports 1. 2. Flex For Access & Moving On, CBC 3. Public Speaking, Educating & #AuthorsOfInstagram 4. Rapid Fire Q – “Go!”
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